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WBFC 107.5 FM - North Georgia's Solid Gospel Source

Our Staff:


Stephen Roberts

Stephen Roberts - a mad (about Jesus!) scientist on the air every Tuesday morning 7 - 11 am. We've received phone calls saying things like "this guy exudes the love of Jesus" and "so upbeat and fun!" and even "great music choices and enthusiasm to get me going in the morning!". He's one of the "Appointed Quartet" and if you know this area's southern gospel, you already know Stephen. He's another quality musician on the air for God here at WBFC and we are grateful to God for him.

John Ramsey

John Ramsey - the template for true fighting, must wear the armour daily, soldier of God. He knows what it means to fight the enemy. He daily binds up, removes the power of, and destroys each individual evil spirit that dares to engage him. He doesn't gloss over the Bible, he doesn't excuse today's lame Christianity, and he knows all about the power American Christians are oblivious to, run from, and deny. Using the power of Jesus' Name and Blood...he shows people the miracle of instant healing from cancer to the daily blessing of our walk. And that's just his regular life in Christ! He's also the associate Pastor of a great local church, and family man with wife "Bea" and daughter Kayla. On Wednesday morning 7 am - 11 am you'll be blessed to hear him on the "He Died for Me Gospel Show!", and you'll love the start to every Wednesday!

Mike Way

Mike Way, the man with the million dollar voice. He denies this, but it doesn't matter wherever in our country you are, or how long they've known Mike, he is universally known for having "THE MILLION DOLLAR VOICE". We just thought we came up with that here at WBFC. Using that great voice, he'll praise God, worship God, present God to the lost all the while mixing in great tunes on Sunday evenings, 5 - 8 pm. His show is the standard by which the rest of us measure ours - so make sure you tune in on Sunday night!

James Price

James Price - Some Guy, fixer, get it ready(er), wire tracer, and on the air Friday afternoon 2-6 for "Gospel Music Time! He will pray with you, for you, help you any way he can, and loves to claim he yodel's though no one's ever heard him. He hates and will be avidly fighting the enemy each and every day - please ask him to show you where in the Bible God shows us this enemy butt kicking power! If he's to quiet when on the air, just give him a call and list some of your praises to God and give him a few excellent songs to play...in his zoo, you can feed the monkey!"

John and Betty

Danny Langston - is ready to DJ, fix, grab the phone, network, edit, download, lunch grabber, and unchangeable - steady as a rock!

John and Betty Grady

The GREAT John and Betty on every Monday 11-3 pm doing their very fun "Good Morning Show!" Awesome Folks! They also manage/emcee/take care of - the "Friday Gospel Singing at Philadelphia Baptist Church" 6:30 pm. I've heard from many its one of the best in the N. GA/Chattanooga area!

Johnny Mac adn Betty

Dana Russell - The joy of the Lord is his strength. We think he's even happy when he's sad... A great soldier in God's army, and always willing to step in and help. The station sounds great when he's behind the mic!

Dana Russell

Johnny Mac and Betty - Saturday's 3-7! Johnny knows music, writes great songs (we play by request!), and loves God like crazy. Between songs, he will be quoting scripture because he can't help himself. He's mesmerized by God's awesome good news given to him years ago - and has been living for God ever since. His beautiful wife Betty will answer the phone when you call in during his show. She's (quiet) in the background exemplifying the definition of "helpmate". Thank you God for them!

Grace Price

Grace Price - the youngest DJ at WBFC, and when she went on the air the first time for "Grace's Giggles" she might have been the youngest DJ in the country at 6 years old! She's a bright happy smile every time she goes "on-air" and her jokes during "G.G" are especially geared for age 1 to 100 giggles. She is a natural at public speaking and wins awards every year against some great competition! She is crazy about God, and the most powerful 12 year old enemy fighter we know!

Todd Burkhart

Todd Burkhart - the most recognized, often heard voice at WBFC. He started helping Jim Price many years ago...and he's back! Back and with a vengeance! His show...unnamed, his timeslot...unknown. But, he's quickly re-learning the ropes with our multi companies under this rooftop and plans to let his voice be heard praising God and taking names - of song requests! Maybe he'll call the show "Praise God and Pass the Ammunition", we'll see.
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